We have spent many hours developing this information website for you.

Some say we give too much information. In the end, it would then be just another wasted effort to improve understanding of what many people believe will be the future of retirement reality in this country.

Most of these articles speak for themselves, a product of a strengthened evolving focus on retirement income and the use of home equity as an acceptable part of the equation. As building blocks, each emphasis becomes part of the strengthening premise that we can rely on a more balanced approach to retirement income ahead.


With a HECM MORTGAGE in which there are NO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, that threat goes away. Homeowners only have to pay homeowners insurance and taxes to remain safely in their homes through their lifetime.
We cannot be slow to warn you, however, that whether you have a HECM or not, if you don’t pay your taxes, you are in danger of foreclosure. And, memory, like a lot of other things as one ages, is not as helpful to take care of these details of independent living. If you wait until you are in trouble financially, getting a HECM will be harder. You are best served by getting one early so you can finish peacefully.
So, a word of advice: Check several times a year to see that your taxes and homeowners insurance are paid up. Counties manage their accounts receivables much like private homeowner’s. Taxes unpaid drive foreclosures.

So, it follows that we want you to let us know who you are, how you found us and what you think about it so we can improve this information project — even answer questions, if you’ll let us. (928 345-1200). Call me, Warren Strycker, 928-345-1200 so we can get started with a HECM. You will be glad you did.

We know you are in here, looking around. Some of you will review dozens of the articles in one setting. Hopefully, you will be made wiser because of your experiences here. Thank you for honoring us with your presence.

Send us an email:  wstrycker@gofinancial.net. (please, talk nice to us). Tell us about yourself and how this webpage helped or harmed your experience.

Best wishes as you HECM your way in retirement.

Thank you.

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“I can highly recommend Warren Strycker if you are looking for financial advice. If you own your home, are over 62 and want to use your equity for anything else, he is the one to consult. I used his services for a reverse mortgage back in 2006. I have never been happier with any financial product.! I have been a Mobile Signing Agent, witnessing loans of all types, as a notary for over 13 years. He is the ONLY loan officer that attends his closings,” Daun Troncin, Yuma, AZ.

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