HECM for Purchase: Homemaker’s Toolkit; “Ready without a mortgage payment”

Open up this discussion of the HECM for Purchase product used to help retirees scale down to a more affordable living quarters at considerable savings. This is the answer you need.

• Are ready to downsize, upsize, move closer to
family, move to a low-maintenance community, a
more convenient neighborhood, or finally buy their
“dream house”—and don’t want to take on a required
monthly mortgage payment.

Turned down for a loan? Let us get you approved when other banks say NO!


Let us get you approved when other banks say NO!


Non-QM Loans Make Getting Approved for a Mortgage Easy!

Are you tired of getting denied by other lenders?

  • Are you a business owner and cannot get approved for a mortgage?
  • Are you ready to stop renting and finally own your own home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Non-Qualified mortgage may be right for you! Let Patriot use this loan product to finally get you in your dream home!

Not just another T-shirt. Yep, this is about me.


Born: Oregonian, East Portland, 1938.

Married Marilyn: 1956, two children, two grandkids, two greats.

College prep — ministry; worked lumber, plywood, ditch digging to survive.

Career: Newspaper and publisher, HECM (senior themes), long term care, annuities, life insurance.

Sold weekly newspaper at Bandon, 1979.

Executive Director: Oregon Coast Association, 5 years.

Came to Yuma in 1999 to support aging father.

It was the year of the computer glitch.

Dad lived a long time — got to be 98.

Wife passed after 49 years together, 2006.

HECM: Licensed with California HECM lender, 2004.

Various lenders with ebb and flow of the economy.

HECM2: Obtained HECM with Wells Fargo.

Married Joanne, 2008.

Current outreach for HECM: Western Arizona and statewide.

Current plan: Help people survive retirement with a HECM to relieve financial pressures and build future defense against weakness in other financial supports.

So, how can I help you? 928 345-1200


What is a Non QM loan and why you might care?

Maintain a line of credit (that grows without cost) for health emergencies and surprises. (25 ways)

Participants in this comparison of HELOCs and HECM line of credit plans are being asked to compare two types of home equity loans. And just like the participants in a recent RMF-supported study conducted by the National Council on Aging, they ended up liking the reverse mortgage far better than the HELOC. (see this analysis and “HELOC CHALLENGE” below).

WSJ: Reverse Morgage Credit Lines Appealing to Younger Borrowers