I enjoy making house payments; SIGN HERE

I am Hesitant because…

(please check all that apply)

I enjoy making house payments?

I have no need for extra cash?

I don’t like to travel?

I don’t want to help my family financially?

I get to take my house with me when I die?

I’ve seen it all, done it all?

I don’t really like having fun?

I have no hobbies?

I have no dreams?

I want to work until I die?

I enjoy barely paying my bills each month?

I don’t trust or care about anyone?

I don’t believe you — even though millions are doing the HECM safely?

I want to sacrifice my whole life — then let my kids blow the money when I’m gone?

I understand the mortgage interest deduction will be eliminated but I still want to make payments even though I don’t have to. (standard deduction $11,800)?

I love having the risk of Foreclosure hanging over my head or

Dead Equity just sitting there?

I have made payments for 20 years…

it won’t happen to me?



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