Sea shells washed up in the desert? Probably not. Somebody is playing a joke thinking this used to be the ocean. I don’t believe it was an ocean, but the shells, planted or not, make it look that way. Some have commented on this and joined the “evidence”, planted or not. Be wise and take a second look when you consider a HECM. Miracles happen, but they may also be somebody’s effort to fool you. Cautious is good.

APIWATW =  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture has no merit unless it says something to you. That’s my mantra here.

I use pictures to frame these HECM IDEAS because they create a thought usually illustrated by normal things we spend so little time with in this busy world of ours — like two rocks stacked like a boy scout sign that “this is the way”, or two roads to nowhere to illustrate a choice of direction, a newly blooming sunflower “winking” at a new way to go, a teepee on an Indian reservation nearby to remind how housing has improved around us or a tree too large to remain in place when the wind blows, being trimmed down to a new and manageable size.

Life gets tedious…  as the song goes, so a few pictures liven up the discussion for me. I hope you enjoy them as I click away at things with my iPhone8 while the Nikon gathers dust in its branded bag under my desk.

You can get “inside my head” by joining me in this expression of things seen and unseen day after day without enjoying the tease that goes with why I choose a picture to illustrate a thought I want you to consider. You can mark this website as a “favorite” and enjoy the progression of ideas here at Gofinancial.net.


Then, consider the HECM LIFESTYLE positioned in front of you if you are 62, have home equity and an issue with financial liquidity. Consider my photos as little reminders about the wonders of the world we ignore (mostly).

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