Let us be thankful.

These thoughts by Warren Strycker

I am thankful for the things I don’t want or like, because God teaches me about waiting, and patience, and faith, and for one of my Facebook friends that made me think of it.

I’m thinking about those that fail, and keep going, that cry and are not consoled, that try again when what they just did, didn’t work (again), and for those who scream out in pain without a ready fix.

I’m thinking for all the sports players who lost their games, churches that came out of the shute strong and came to naught, politicians who lost their elections again and again, because, in the end, their losses forge the completion of God’s plan for them and us, down the road, and around the corner when it’s time to win or lose, again and to know for sure that we don’t all have the power to succeed in the way we imagined.

Our visit on the earth is God’s experiment as he guides the events that lie ahead, with a firm hand. Lives and egos are lost in the process but the Plan he had from the beginning is continuing over the rough roads we travel.

From the beginning, God formed our thoughts and projects – mostly for his own plan for the world – and who would miss it, staring up into the sky at night as the stars reflect the Glory of the Creator?

My neighbor, the pastor, doesn’t think we are supposed to understand the process of life, though I try again and again to comprehend it – usually at Thanksgiving time.

It is enough to be thankful that we are not in charge of the chaos in the world or that our illusions of grandeur don’t happen as we planned.

We can be thankful that we accept Thanksgiving as the process of our beginning and all the wins and losses in between.

Let us be Thankful.

Editor’s note: This is not a new Bible. I expect this to be edited as new things and old are remembered and added to it. Life, after all, is God’s experiment, and we are just the ingredients as we all stir them together like a Thanksgiving salad in the making. There is so much more to know. (Sorry Pastor John, I hear you but I am not convinced that God gave us brains not to be used).


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