Is it time to reset your compass?

Proverbs 12:13

Lies will get any man into trouble, but honesty is its own defense.

John 8:32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

James 3:14

But if ye have bitter jealousy and faction in your heart, glory not and lie not against the truth.

“Exagerated truth is a lie, going in”, Warren Strycker

And then, there’s Ben Shapiro…

Ben Shapiro has made a name for himself in conservative circles, appearing daily on radio, TV, and at events around the nation. His off-the-cuff and rapid retorts have solidified him as a favorite commentator among politicos — but what’s Shapiro’s backstory? He recently sat down with “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” to talk about free speech, culture, and the roots of his career.

Shapiro, whose signature line is, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” decried the crisis of truth that seems to be plaguing the American conscience, explaining his worries that people seem more motivated today by emotion than facts.

“I think that folks now treasure the subjective over the objective,” Shapiro said, adding that this dynamic is the biggest cultural problem of the day. “I think that there are a lot of folks who, the facts don’t make them feel good about themselves — they don’t make them feel good about the narrative that they tell about their own lives.”

As a result, he believes people tend to disown the facts and then avoid viable debate, turning what should be factual arguments into character arguments. This naturally results in the demonization of ideological opponents — something that has plagued culture of late.

Listen to Shapiro discuss abortion, free speech, civility and more:

“Right now, people are getting a lot of pleasure, particularly in the social media era, from just smacking people, and it’s easy to do that from behind a screen,” Shapiro said. “It’s hard to do that when you’re actually in person, and this is one of the problems with having an online society — it’s easier to be mean and nasty when you don’t actually have to look in the face of the person you’re being mean and nasty to.”

Meanwhile, civility and healthy debate aren’t the only casualties, as Shapiro argues that people continue to exchange truth for their own opinions.

“People [are] deciding that facts are significantly less important than self interpretation,” he said. “People using phrases like ‘my truth’ as opposed to ‘the truth’and me saying, ‘Well there’s no such thing as ‘your truth.’ There’s just facts and then there’s your opinion and it’s fine, you’re allowed to have opinions, but let’s not pretend that your opinions are sacrosanct.’”

What does Strycker say about this?

MY FIRST go around with a compass happened in the Boy Scouts, there is “true north” and then there was a “declination” — our own location wherever we are — and so it goes. My dad had a compass in his head, could tell which way was north in the bottom of a well, not looking up.

Not me.

When I learned how to fly, many years after (and “ago”), the compass was even more important to getting where we wanted to go. On an airplane, there is at least two compassses, a “mag compass” always points to “true” north being attracted by the magnetic power of the North Pole, (Over time, the location of the North Pole changes slightly. Earth’s axis has a slight wobble, and since the pole intersects with the axis, it wobbles along with it. Scientists have calculated that the pole wobbles about 30 feet over seven years. The precise point of the pole at any given moment is known as the instantaneous pole. (So you thought “north” is a fixed location, right?)

We learned to fly the “other” compass because the “real” compass was harder to read and when we took time to correct the one we flew by, we often found we were “off course”, usually  more than we wanted to admit.

Now, of course, more of us depend on the GPS  to find the street we need to turn on to get to grandma’s house.

Like typing this here on my laptop in a darkened room and getting at least one hand on the wrong position by at least one key and noticing how misspellings were created. My mindset knew where the keys are, but my fingers, well, they were thumping on the wrong keys. Once we realize what is happening, we stop and reset our fingers on the right keys.

Once in awhile, we are benefitted by taking a new reading on the “real” north pole and it can be a baffling recognition how far “off” we can be,  believing we are “on course”.

So, taking a “reading” on the current “situation” in Congress, it is pretty obvious we are on the wrong “track” — well, isn’t it? A regular visit to Twitter will establish that soon enough. Folks I know have obviously lost their way — and don’t care (but to be fair “they” look at me the same way and at least one of us is obviously lost  — could be we are looking at different poles. OK, there’s some truth to that if not much).

So, let’s consider taking time now to reset our compass.

What I see happening to us is not “true” north, nor is it even close by — and the cliff isn’t far ahead. The time to correct our direction is being reduced day by day.

I choose “truth” for my “true north”. That’s not an easy choice because to choose it will create difficult resets in our belief system, This setting will correct a lot of your misgivings and get you back on course — a road to reconciliation with those who are disagreeing with us,

If the course is on spiritual matters, we need to agree on the source of “our truth” to have a truthful negotiation. Which bible? What translation? What method of worship. Otherwise, we are operating on the idea that north is really east, or maybe even northeast.

If the course is about America, we need to agree on the basis of our country to have a “progressive” discussion. Up until recently, the country has relied on the constitution for a basis of agreement. Some will never agree that the constitution sets the direction of our country decisions. Most of us may be lost somewhere in the middle blaming our condition on interpretation of the documents we were founded on. (Oh yes, that’s why we have a supreme court to wrestle over.

This trail to truth has gotten fuzzy with disagreement on the foundation we rely on. Today, we are being asked to compromise the source of our information, giving credence to others who do not share our “truth”.

As long as that issue prevails, citizens are asked to choose whatever way they wish to go. The confusion is catching up with us, Meanness to “correct” the discussion has entered in and it becomes a “dust storm” of confusion, which may just overwhelm this entire discussion.

Probably a great time to reset our compass, realizing that even the north pole “wobbles” a little to make agreement a little more difficult.

As we have learned, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Some believe in other systems of government. Some drive Chevys and some drive Fords — and there are those who drive Volvos and Mercedes… and we are all stuck here together, forming little clicks of agreement here and there but all expected to drive the same freeway to work swearing at each other to get down the road to our destination.

Somehow, we have to create a unified agreement to pursue our own belief systems, and as you can see, so far, we are lame in finding a peaceful way to do that…

…and meanness is creeping in and chaos is getting even more out of line now.

This is…


We’ re going to have to live together peaceably sooner rather than later if I’m correctly reading the way the “grass is bent” (We need Tonto for that).

In the meantime, you can contribute to this “diatribe” by writing to Please try to be peaceful just for the sake of civility and I promise to be the same.

Surely we can find a better way without bloodshed.













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