Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for a perfect landing every time

Anyone being honored by learning how an airplane lands will relate to the nerves that drive the pilot as he sits the plane down on the runway with the slightest bump at landing speed.

Not all landings are like that.

Since airports are all different, each landing starts with the basics, weight, power, airspeed, flaps, crosswinds, etc. Putting them altogether is the key to the touchdown.

For those landing a career into retirement mode, similar adjustments are made to go from the daily grind into testing the preparation for pulling the plug on the career and entering retirement lifestyle with adequate funds to steady your plan on the way down the runway.

That’s where HECM comes in — Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, using power from home equity to take up some of the slack for unaccounted emergencies. HECM can pay off your mortgage easing the debt load. It can provide the line of credit that grows to absorb the runway bumps ahead. Pouring on the coal (power) to get safely to the runway insteading of landing in the grass or worse.

There is lots to know about the HECM, and you came to the right place to learn. Check out these stories and call me with your questions: Warren Strycker, Patriot Lending USA, 928 345-1200 or send me an email warren.strycker@patriotlendingusa.com.

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