HECM for Purchase: Homemaker’s Toolkit; “Ready without a mortgage payment”

Open up this discussion of the HECM for Purchase product used to help retirees scale down to a more affordable living quarters at considerable savings. This is the answer you need.

• Are ready to downsize, upsize, move closer to
family, move to a low-maintenance community, a
more convenient neighborhood, or finally buy their
“dream house”—and don’t want to take on a required
monthly mortgage payment.

• They live on a fixed income; are concerned about
being able to afford a new home via a cash purchase or traditional financing; and/or want
to avoid tapping into their retirement nest egg.

• Their current home no longer fits their lifestyle — For example, the washer and dryer are
down in the basement; the yard is too big to take care of; they need or prefer a one-floor
living situation. They want a new home that’s a better fit for their physical needs.

• They want to increase their purchasing power to buy the home they really want, with the
amenities they need or desire.

• They want to preserve some of proceeds from the sale of their home for a cash reserve or
other retirement savings.


HECM for PURCHASE Let Us Retire 10 Years Ahead of Our Plan

By Mark Olshaker

Beatrice and Andrew Hollimon Borrower Chronicles of Business and Arts, eventually going on to head the Business Department. Beatrice was a child support technician for the State of Missouri, meaning she made sure that parents met their child support payment responsibilities, and went after the ones who didn’t. “She’s a tough cookie,” Andy comments.

They have been married since 1974 and have a grown daughter who works in the insurance industry. “We lived in a small home in St. Louis and paid it off many years ago,” Andy explains. “And we were looking to downsize even more. Throughout the years we had grown to love the tropical climate and environment and were tired of the cold.”

Andy also mentioned that he suffers from severe allergies and began researching areas where they might be substantially less pronounced. “South Florida became a major focus for us and we wanted to be on the Atlantic side. We started vacationing in Fort Lauderdale about six years ago and found we really liked it.” Having retired from teaching and found the area they wanted to live in, Andy and Beatrice set about figuring out how to make it happen financially.

They didn’t think they had enough to trade up to the type of house they aspired to in a resort setting, so they figured that under present circumstances, they would probably have to work another 10 years or so. Andy recalls, “We were playing around with how we were going to pay for it, when we happened to see the Fred Thompson commercial on television. I had seen it maybe a hundred times before, but this time we were intrigued and I thought, ‘Why not check it out?

Borrower Chronicles representative asked me was whether I was considering a HECM loan for refinancing or purchase. I asked him, ‘What’s the difference?’” When the rep explained the distinctions between a reverse mortgage that would keep the Hollimons in their home in St. Louis and a HECM for Purchase, Andy realized that it was the latter that would work best for them.

“As soon as we decided on that, he referred me to the Purchase Division. There, a man named David Marshall spent about 45 minutes on the phone educating me on how it works. He said, ‘Go get a piece of paper and write this down.’ Actually, I ended up taking about 10 or 11 pages of notes. He walked us through the entire process and told us exactly what was involved and what to expect. He went over the advantages and disadvantages. He was quite frank about it.”

Andy notes that as they went about evaluating their op- 12

Andy notes, “above the hustle and bustle of Miami, but we can go down there whenever we want, or up to Palm Beach.” He spends a fair amount of time writing on the Internet and has taken up oil painting. His canvases are both strikingly beautiful and thought provoking, ranging in subject matter from interiors to still lifes, to nature and surrealistic settings.

The obvious talent and professional look belie his assurance that he has never had a single art lesson. Beatrice is a voracious reader and finally has time to pursue that pleasure. She also crochets and does complex, thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles, some of which end up framed on their walls. “And we live on a golf course,” adds Andy. “I have a feeling she is going to pick up some clubs before me.”

Summing up their reverse mortgage experience, he says, “Not only did working to obtain a HECM for Purchase make it possible for us to retire ten years sooner than we thought we could, it allowed us to take advantage of a strong real estate market to buy our dream home.”

Beatrice’s “tough cookie” background in government was put to good use. “She’s very discerning and detail-oriented,” he says. “She looks at financial situations in a very analytical way.” The Hollimons ended up talking to Mr. Marshall several times during their decision-making process and found him helpful each time. “He actually guided us into a price range we felt comfortable with, without depleting our investments.”

While Andy had already begun transitioning into retirement, Beatrice had intended to keep working. But knowing that their retirement vision was now well within their reach, and believing that the real estate market conditions and interest rates were at their most favorable, and probably would not stay that way for very long, she decided to retire as well. Now they are settled in Fort Lauderdale, having sold the house in St. Louis. “We’re in Palm Beach County,”


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