Build Home Equity: The “#HECMHOUSE” is your bank in retirement


Simply put, a #HECMHOUSE is your home invested in your lifestyle. Those who use their home equity to support retirement income is a step ahead of those who borrow with interest and make payments. A #HECMHOUSE has no need for mortgage payments so budgets are more fluid.

“One specific asset that needs to be tapped, is the house.”, says Merton

Banking on home equity; Part of Retirement Plan; Eligible again and again.

But Wait, Doesn’t the Bank Own the House? “Well, that’s false” — known as fake news

Give gifts from your home equity “BANK” and never make a payment or lose your home.

Lots of seniors will run out of money in retirement. HECM helps.

HECM Reverse Mortgage accesses equity safely.

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