Could you be a Fix and Flipper in retirement? Talk to us

By Warren Strycker

I work for a lending company as executive (get it together guy) and help folks like you find gainful employment in retiring years. The focus of the Fix and Flip occupation is to help keep income coming in for those in short supply (with building skills). We provide the capital and oversight to make sure you get it right.

No, you don’t have to know how to do “drywall” or “plumbing” or “electrical” but if you got through these many years and kept your bearing, you probably know enough about those skills as you need to direct contractors on your project.

Here’s a model you can follow to keep you on track. We know some of you will need some help finding your way, but when you do, there will be financial benefits that will keep you going as you progress through the steps.

At the heart of FLIP is a proven 5-stage model that really works in any market:

  1. FIND: Select ideal neighborhoods, search for houses and attract sellers.
  2. ANALYZE: Identify the improvements, and analyze the profit potential.3. BUY: Arrange financing, present the offer and close on the purchase.
  3. This is where we pitch in to make financing easy and flawless so you can                         concentrate on other things that matter. We want you to be successful.
  4. FIX: Develop and execute an improvement plan on time and in budget.
  5. SELL: Add finishing touches to quickly sell for maximum profit.

Yes, if you want to talk to somebody about this process, call me and let’s talk. You’ll know soon enough if it fits your goals for retirement.

And, yes, you’ll get to be your own boss and work when you want to. And yes, you could just earn yourself a pile of money.

Warren Strycker, 1-866-334-1200 EMAIL:



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1 thought on “Could you be a Fix and Flipper in retirement? Talk to us

  1. We’ve spent a good number of years rooting for seniors who now live longer with less money than before. We stood with them through the pressures of dealing with a reverse mortgage to subsidize their income. Now, the seniors coming into retirement are less prepared than ever and they will live longer in a world they can’t afford. So, we’ve moved into home construction and remodeling loans to support able bodied seniors in construction jobs to energize their mindset and increase their incomes. If you’ve had interest in the building trades and need our support, I hope you’ll take a look at our lineup of loans in the navigation bar on the home page. You can contact me and talk about it too if that appeals to you. Warren Strycker, 1866-334-1200 or email:

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