I knew a carpet layer once, he wouldn’t change.

by Warren Strycker

When did you first realize you could buy milk at Walgren’s?

Maybe you didn’t think much about it, but in real life now, things dry up and blow, but not always away — usually, they land somewhere else because things have changed — in yourself or among others.

The milk guy expanded his supply with your competitor. Have you noticed? The change is subtle so you might not have picked up on it at first. And then, you faced it because you had to. Few people do well with change — at first. Some adjust. Some don’t.

As an entrepreneur, you had plenty of customers and then one day you didn’t. What happened? Probably another company came in and sold your customer at a better price or by offering more service than you did. In the end, you lost the business. In some cases, you lost the business to your supplier who learned how to compete with your business by watching you do it. It’s called change and it’s not easy to bear it because you feel dumb when it happens.

Nobody wants to be dumb. Nobody.

I knew a carpet layer once who shut his business when his suppliers required the use of a computer. He refused to learn to use one. He was stubborn and he lost his business. He would not adjust. Can you stop change? Probably not.

Can you stop change? Probably not

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