90% Real Estate Investor/developer financing– COMPARE with BANK COSTS.

Looking to purchase and rehab a property?

Fixing and flipping homes is a great source of income, but it can be difficult to find the right funding. In order to renovate a home and flip it for a profit, you need sufficient capital.

                       “I work with the experts at MCM Capital Solutions                               and Patriot Lending USA, the Nation’s Premier Lender for Real Estate Investors — make it easy on yourself.”
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To print out flyers including comparison to bank financing study, click on “Flyers 2” above and print using that file. If this method doesn’t work on your printer — send a request and I will send you the flyer on your email address. Send order to Be aware, you may not believe the differences. Call Warren Strycker with your questions, 928 345-1200

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