What is missing from socialism? Profit motive drives innovation, work ethic, get outta bed energy. Winning is a driving force — for power.


NEW to me, Solar panels are less efficient when it’s hot. So are we. (Yes, it’s hot).


Rules are arbitrary. Yep. That’s why we have punishment and forgiveness.


Most people are BORN WACKO. Yep. They learn what is “nice” from their parents. Some parents aren’t nice either. Some never get straightened out. Mostly, that’s why the world is WACKO now.


Google will soon be delivering the news of the world replacing your local newspaper, WSJ and NYT. Never mind if you need to know what’s happening.


Even Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak is weighing in. As a “celebrity”, he says his book of rules will soon be published.

DARE to be TRUSTED, and be TRUSTWORTHY. Consider adding the rest of these Boy Scout laws too. Not everyone will agree with them. Will you?

TRUSTWORTHY. Tell the truth and keep promises. People can depend on you.

LOYAL. Show that you care about your family, friends, leaders, school, and country.

HELPFUL. Volunteer to help others without expecting a reward.

FRIENDLY. Be a friend to everyone, even people who are very different from you.

COURTEOUS. Be polite to everyone and always use good manners.

KIND. Treat others as you want to be treated . Never harm or kill any living thing without good reason.

OBEDIENT. Follow the rules of your family, school, and pack. Obey the laws of your community and country.

CHEERFUL. Look for the bright side of life. Cheerfully do tasks that come your way. Try to help others be happy.

THRIFTY. Work to pay your own way. Try not to be wasteful. Use time, food, supplies, and natural resources wisely.

BRAVE. Face difficult situations even when you feel afraid. Do what you think is right despite what others might be doing or saying.

CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit . Help keep your home and community clean.

REVERENT. Be reverent toward God. Be faithful in your religious duties. Respect the beliefs of others.


Don’t blame others for the same stuff you do wrong. Take the heat you earn. Smile. Go forth. God is not mocked.


The Spirit of God is near


 You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. (This truism has been taken by my mother, and hers).


The forces of government and business are clashing in America. Scum is visible everywhere. Wisdom will determine the winner again — or maybe not. At this point, it will be hard to tell which brings the most power to bear. The revolution is in full term now, and visible perhaps for the first time, or so it seems from here.


NASA has sat silently back and watches as liberals freak out about the world supposedly ending in 12 years because of too much livestock, or too many plastic straws or whatever. You have to wonder why, don’t you?


We are arriving at a crucial junction where everybody in the whole world is busiest minding somebody else’s business. It is world class chaos. Can it get worse? Probably. Hold on to your patience which will have its perfect work sometime ahead.


The word heckler is rooted in an old Dutch verb that means “to irritate, prickle,” and hecklers can be irritating indeed. They sit at baseball games and yell insults.  Do those doing the heckling have impact on the performance of those they heckle? Obviously, they think they are distracting the President from doing his best work for the citizens. History has yet to be recorded on the current displays of contempt and their impact on America.



On my honor


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  1. Today’s Chattin’ establishes a very personal invitation to the Spirit of God within me. Scripture says he gave it to us and then tells us to “wait” for it. I wait. To wait is to believe. God promises to energize our Spirits on his Word. Now, tell me folks — what have you learned? From what I see in the World, we’d better figure it out pretty soon, don’t you think?

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