HECM for Purchase: Homemaker’s Toolkit; “Ready without a mortgage payment”

Open up this discussion of the HECM for Purchase product used to help retirees scale down to a more affordable living quarters at considerable savings. This is the answer you need.

• Are ready to downsize, upsize, move closer to
family, move to a low-maintenance community, a
more convenient neighborhood, or finally buy their
“dream house”—and don’t want to take on a required
monthly mortgage payment.

Turned down for a loan? Let us get you approved when other banks say NO!

NON QUALIFIED ATR CERTIFIED* LOANS. Good credit borrower w/no recent credit event; Self-employed accepted; Perfect fit for self-employed borrowers who are unable to document income with tax returns; Designed to help borrower with tax id number but no social security number; LTV up to 85% and DTI up to 55%;

This loan is for larger loans with balances up to $6M; Non-QM, self-employed, ITIN and previous credit event borrowers are accepted;