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The project is two years old this month. It is a vision of my early employment at a weekly newspaper in Oregon long ago — even before anything we did was fake news.

We were in what they called a “small market” but we dreamed we were important, and so we were. Not everyone agreed as might be expected but we believed anyway, faithfully putting the news of our community “to bed” week after week on Wednesday where they people expected it to be on Thursday morning.

This Podcast has the same dedication, bringing the news about the “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage” after some fifty years in the making, beginning with President Reagan who had a mindset of doing important things.

We agree, the HECM is an important thing  — and I have become a licensed loan officer to help people put one of these on for themselves. I hope you will think it is important enough to look into it.

That’s what this is all about.

I hope you will make regular visits to this webpage to get up to speed and that you will unload your questions here so we can answer them promptly and faithfully as we did many years ago in the basement of our little newspaper many years ago.

In the end, my hope is that I will help you make your life better because you were able to put on a HECM for yourself.

Thank you. I’m Warren Strycker. I hope you’ll get to know more about me as you proceed on




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